Does The Community Chest report on its activities?

Yes, we will post details of the projects funded by us onto our website as and when these are completed. We will also publish our semi-annual and annual financial statements.


Funding Applications by Learning Institutions

We are a privately run Learning Institution. Are we eligible to seek for funding from The Community Chest?

As long as the Learning Institution meets our general criteria, i.e. it is not-for-profit and is registered by the Malaysian Ministry of Education or Ministry of Higher Education (as the case may be) and such other relevant Malaysian regulatory body (e.g. Ministry of Health, if applicable), it is eligible to apply for funding.

When can Learning Institutions make applications?

There are no submission deadlines, as we will consider applications throughout the year subject to availability of funds.

What methods of application are accepted?

Currently, we only accept original applications submitted by hand or by post/courier to the following:

General Manager
Pusat Pengurusan Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn Bhd
16th Floor, Wisma Genting
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

However, once it is available, you will also be able to submit your application to us through our website by filling in our online application form.

What information does the Learning Institution need to provide to The Community Chest?

There is a set of minimum information that is required in order for us to process your application. Please refer to our Funding Application Guidelines for details.

If the funding proposal is approved, when would the cash be available?

As part of our modus operandi, we do not donate cash directly to the Learning Institutions. Instead, we endeavour to make payment directly to the payee based on invoices and/or relevant supporting documents submitted by the Learning Institutions.

What are the conditions to be fulfilled before disbursement of funds?

The Learning Institution will have to fulfill all terms and conditions as set out in the funding agreement duly executed by both The Community Chest and the Learning Institution prior to any disbursement of funds.

If my application is rejected, can I re-apply?

Yes. We will accept your re-application after 6 months from the date of our rejection letter.

Will TCC provide reason(s) for rejection?

All decisions made by The Community Chest are final and we may not provide any reasons for such decisions.


Make Donations

How can I make donations?

We have several payment options:

(a)    Cash / cheque deposit, online transfer or telegraphic transfer

(b)   Cheque via post

(c)    CIMB Cares portal

(d)   Debit /credit card [coming soon]

Please click here for further details.

Is there a minimum donation amount for a single online transfer?

No. You are free to donate as much or as little an amount through our online payment gateway. However, for the purpose of issuing tax-exempt receipts, please note that we have a certain level of administrative cost that needs to be maintained (postage, notification systems etc). As such we require a minimum donation of RM20, should you wish to claim tax-exemption.

Is there a maximum donation amount for a single online transfer?

No. However, the maximum limit per transaction will be based on your credit/debit card limit, or other constraints introduced by your financial institution and/or your central bank

What is the currency used for online donations to TCC?

All transactions will be in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR). For a non-Malaysian donor, you will be charged according to your base currency at the prevailing rate set by your financial institution.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about making a donation?

You can contact +603 2182 2182 during normal office hours from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays, or you can fax / email to us at +603 2182 2020 / enquiries@commchest.org.my.

Is my donation tax-exempted?

If you are a Malaysian taxpayer, you are entitled to tax exemption for all cash donations as defined under sub-section 44(6) of Income Tax 1967, Government Gazette no: 30786 dated 17 November 2011.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of donation in order to be eligible for tax-exemption?

No minimum or maximum amount to be entitled to tax exemption. However, please refer to FAQs (1) above regarding the minimum donation due to administrative costs.

For each donation received, declaration will be made to Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. As such, there are additional information required from you for this purpose. Please click here for details.

How long will it take for me to receive my tax-exempt receipt?

You should receive your tax-exempt receipt within 1 month of us receiving your notification (together with proof of payment and all the required information of yourself) via fax or email. Do notify us if this has not happened and we will attend to your request immediately. Please note that in the event of a disaster, there may be some delays due to the volume of transactions that we receive.

I lost my tax-exempt receipt. Can I get a replacement copy?

We can only issue a certified true copy receipt to replace the receipt that you have lost. Please note that to minimise our administrative costs (such as postage, notification systems etc), we will only allow a one-time issuance of replacement receipts.

Is there a time limit to request for a tax-exempt receipt?

Yes. Your request has to be within the same calendar year as your donation.

Can I cancel my donation?

No. Once the transaction goes through the system, it is considered final.